Popular singer May Song is an artistic star who has crowned the success of the music world in a short period of time. May’s song also does not diminish her efforts, she continues to work on her art work day by day.

But recently, it is said that May Song has stopped her singing work and is driving a taxi in Thailand. May’s voice said, “Singing shows are on hiatus now and I’m driving a taxi 😳 🚙 Airport pick-up/delivery 1500 Bht 🚙 BKK city part-time 1hr – 500 Bht (at least 3 hours) (Fuel/Toll/Parking Fees included)” she talked about her business.

May Song comes from a wealthy family, but she is a person who does what she wants to do on her own. Now, the voice of May is said to be driving a black taxi in Thailand.