Many attempts to preorder the iPhone 14 were thwarted by Apple Store problems.

Numerous people are dissatisfied with Apple’s checkout procedure. Worldwide iPhone enthusiasts have difficulty preordering Apple’s newest devices. Today saw the preorder of the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and AirPods Pro 2, and customers have reported problems with the Apple Store app and website not loading, financing troubles, failed phone number verification, and credit card issues.

Apple offers a pre-preorder system that enables you to expedite the checkout process, just like with the iPhone 13 last year. You might decide which iPhone you want, pick the accessories you want, and arrange for shipping and payment. After that, all you’d have to do is check out when preorders become available. However, based on the complaints posted online, it appears that this system has failed at an extremely high rate. Some customers who eventually placed orders stated that their shipping dates had been pushed back by at least a week. Similar problems seem to be occurring on carrier sites as well.

Others are completing the process without any problems; they have placed their orders, and the delivery dates are set for September 16. Tom Warren, the senior editor of The Verge, used Apple Pay without incident, although several of us encountered difficulties. Even with Apple Pay and a pre-preorder configuration installed, managing editor Alex Cranz had to wait before getting a purchase through, while reporter Jon Porter gave up after the store failed to register his phone number.

When individuals tried to use Apple Card or carrier upgrades at checkout, there were complaints of iPhone 13 preorders not going through last year as well. After preorders opened, the problem persisted for at least 30 minutes before it finally started to be resolved. However, shipping dates were delayed by a few weeks.

According to reports, Apple foresaw flat iPhone production in 2018 compared to 2021 when post-pandemic tech purchases reach their peak, supply-related problems arise, and smartphone advancements come to a standstill. Despite the wait for the iPhone 14 announcement, iPhone revenue grew earlier this year; perhaps there is more demand for the new models than expected.

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