How to make wise phone use decisions

“Phone Safety and Precautions”

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When using a mobile phone, put it in your left ear.

More harm to the brain can be done by listening with the right ear than by mobile phone radiation.

For right-wingers, you might want to use the right side more frequently.

It’s challenging to get to sleep at night when reading on an electronic device like a phone screen. It could make it challenging to get to sleep.

The quantity of hormones that change the skin is influenced by the screen’s brightness.

Avoid reading on a screen after dark.

Replace reading and doing breathing exercises.

Insomnia’s side effects may be brought on by phone screens.

The brain can be harmed by phone conversations while using Facebook and watching TV.

In situations with inadequate lighting, using a mobile phone can adversely impair your vision.

Talking on the phone and using Facebook while the phone’s battery is only 10% can be really stressful.

If you spend a lot of time using laptops, tablets, or smartphones, put on safety eyewear (digital devices).

To safeguard your eyes, put on specialized eyewear. The doctor will recommend power lenses (not regular ones).

Screen brightness can be changed. Increase the screen’s brightness in a well-lit space.

Don’t let the phone fall.


Cut the heat off.

Avoid direct sunlight exposure.

Reduce the screen’s brightness if the room is poorly lighted.

Don’t use a different phone charger to recharge the battery.

Avoid rubbing the phone against other metals.

The eye experts advise that you relax your eyes after moving them left and right for around 20 minutes each time you focus.

Use digital devices at a distance of around 1.5 feet when viewing them.

Spend a lot of time in the sun after using digital devices.

to make the screen’s sharpness lessened.

Maintain a spotless screen. avoiding windows, using low-voltage lights, wearing eye protection, limiting usage, Obtain enough rest.

Keep the screen 5 inches below your eyes, not directly in front of them, and remember to blink often.

After two hours of watching digital media, take a 15-minute break.

You must consume vitamin C, vitamin A, and omega-3 fatty acids to strengthen your eyes and nerves and avoid eye damage.

Phone Computer TV. view from a 25-inch distance. Give your eyes a 20-minute break. Rest for 15 minutes after 15 hours.

Smoking can harm your eyesight and produce cataracts, so give it up.

The eye muscles might become weakened by UV solar radiation.

Wear sunglasses when walking in the sun because it causes cataracts.

Eat a balanced diet. Consume leafy green vegetables in addition to salmon, tuna, almonds that are high in protein, and a range of juicy eggs.

A person who receives enough sleep requires eight hours of sleep each night in order to gain weight.

Phone, TV, computer, and games. negative effects of repeated viewing