The popular supporting actor In Kryin is a person who has acted in many videos and movies. The actor In Kryin is a person who is close to the fans. Currently, In Kryin is working on the artistic work that she likes, and on the other hand, she is selling live sales online.

In Kyung Kyin, who arrived on the Live Sale route due to the support of Kyung Myint Mor, loves Kyung Myint Mor very much and is a person who thinks that she is her benefactor. Yesterday (January 24) was Kyung Myint Mor’s birthday, and In Kyung gave her friend a small gold locket that she had collected with her sweat as a birthday present.

It’s so cute that In Kyung surprised Kyung while doing the live sale with Myint Mor. I think the fans are also excited to see the bond of friendship between Kyung and In Kyung.